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Health problems can strike at any time. Trauma, poisoning, insect bite, internal disease - there can be many reasons. Different types of insurance can help you get qualified medical care without going broke. It is important to understand that there are no good and bad insurances - there are insurances that are suitable for you and those that are not. Our company’s specialists are always ready to advise and help you understand the features of health insurance in Thailand.

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Real estate

This type of insurance allows you not to be left alone in a foreign country with a problem when your home is destroyed or severely damaged by a natural disaster or third parties. Such insurance includes both the cost of restoring your own damaged property and civil liability to third parties, as well as much more, including compensation for the costs of temporary accommodation in another place while your property is being repaired after an insured event.

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Car insurance from AXA gives you more than just cover. AXA provides professional service at the most competitive prices. Feel safe and confident with the AXA Helpline, which guarantees not only emergency assistance in the event of an accident, but also prompt technical assistance on the road in the event of a breakdown. AXA car insurance provides highly flexible insurance plans that will suit your lifestyle.

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Insurance for the period of your upcoming trip allows you to make your vacation truly comfortable and carefree. This insurance satisfies all the wishes of travelers around the world. Enjoy new experiences with insurance that protects not only life and health. The insurance package includes protection of property and travel plans. This is exactly the type of insurance that is required by the embassies of many countries when applying for a visa, including a Schengen one.

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